what shall we do after chamber nose crashed extrusion wheel ?

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Today we would like to talk about the adjustment of parts position.

Sometimes problems come to us, we need to find out the real reason so can solve it.

Chamber and extrusion wheel damage is very common issue. Except the parts quality reason, standard operation and regular maintenance is very necessary.

See the damage first:


As we can see, the groove side is damaged on this wheel.


This is the chamber working together with the above damaged wheel.

We asked customer to send us more photo so we can try to find out the real reason.


We can see scraps come out from the right side of groove. Our engineer says the chamber position is not correct, need to make adjustment. From the above photo and the description of our customer, the gap between chamber nose and wheel groove is ok (0.5mm clearance, we have another article explains how to adjust the clearance between chamber and wheel). So the most possible reason is the chamber nose crashed wheel groove, that means postion is not correct.

We need to adjust shoe base to correct the chamber nose position to set it at the right horizontal center of groove.


We call it shoe base, maybe you have different name on this part. It can be adjusted to left or right direction. After running for a period, like 2 years, main shaft bearings or side wheel may have abrasion and the extrusion wheel will be out of center position. So we can do adjustment work on shoe base to set the chamber nose at the right center of wheel groove. (there is bolt on shoe base)


Clearance between chamber nose and wheel groove is important and adjustment is very common. Find out the reason according to what we can see and then we will solve it.




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